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  • All our tacos, sandwiches, cups and bowls on are available for wholesale. For now, Odeko offers breakfast tacos and our Egg Salad, and our direct delivery covers all our items

  • All food is made fresh daily, delivered refrigerated with 3-day shelf life

  • All food is individually packaged and labeled

  • Sandwiches and bowls are enjoyed cold, refrigerated

  • Recommendation for tacos is to heat them in a toaster oven and then store them in our small warmer that we provide for free for all our partners, so that they can be hot held and immediately served to order! We can offer free toaster ovens at our discretion. Microwaves and presses are also ways to heat the tacos, to order

  • We have gluten free options (corn) for all tacos

  • Our cold items are not incredibly known, but are often rated among the best options in the city. Menu commentary :

    • Tacos come in 3 varieties (BEC, Potato Egg Cheese, Plant Based Chorizo) and use our hand pressed flour tortillas (unless GF) and the finest ingredients

    • Egg Salad sandwich uses Japanese shokupan bread and our house made egg salad, caramelized onions, lettuce and heirloom radish.

    • Tunisian uses Japanese shokupan bread, fine italian tuna, roasted potatoes, kalamata olives, Moroccan spices

    • *NEW* is our Mexican Caesar salad and Mediterranean grain bowl

    • Our overnight oats, yogurt parfaits, chili mango cups are great grab and go fridge stockers

  • Mins are $45/delivery which equals about 4 or so pieces per day average with shelf life in mind.

  • Pricing can be found on Odeko, or inquiring at

Please contact to get started or request samples

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Our menu is optimized for quality and convenience, allowing your shops to offer restaurant quality food with almost no labor or overhead

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